CUSTOM Guitar Serial 07C:

TB500 style type body Black , 25.5 scale, P90s , Mirror finish, made in November 2018

CUSTOM Guitar Serial 05C:

J style type body Black and Yellow , 27.1 Baritone scale, Lace humbucker , Mirror finish, made in October 2018

CUSTOM Guitar Serial 04C:

Model 01 type hollow body Black and Yellow , irongear humbucker Hot Slag coil split pickups, brushed finish, made in July 2018

CUSTOM Guitar Serial 03C:

Telecaster type fat body ,Bare Knukles p90 stockholm no holes pickups, mirror finish, made in june 2018

CUSTOM Bass Serial 02C:

Bass Standard type very slim body (total weight 4kg) ,Alnico V jazz bass pickups, Brushed finish, made in May 2018