01 Why Aluminium ?

​​Aluminium guitars have a natural resonance. This makes the sound brighter and piano-ish, Mogwai-ish, Shellac-ish and Arab on radar-ish.

02 Why do you do a mix between High pressured composite wood and aluminium?

Because of the look and the sound. The composite wood is highly dense (sound) and tainted in the mass (look).

03 What if I scratch my guitar?

For the aluminum you can buff it out. For extreme scratches, you may need to wet sand it out. For the wood, just apply a coat of oil. As the wood is tainted in the mass you won’t see the scratch so much.

04 How do I clean it?

​For the Aluminum clean it with polish. For the body you can use wax or a bit of oil.

05 How do you make the neck and the body?

​I use a mix between CNC waterjet cutting and CNC milling for precision and luthier technique with manual tools to finish it. It is exactly like working with wood but with aluminium.

06 do you make custom guitars

Mainly !  just send me an email and we´ll discuss about it. 

07 Does the price include the shipping costs and import taxes ?

​ No, please contact me for the shipping costs (you can as well calculate it online when you make an order on the website) and i am not responsible of the taxes.